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Wikoff Digital Offers a Solution for Printers Interested in Adding Digital Printing to the Pressroom

by Wikoff|09.16.19


September 16, 2019

By now members of the printing industry are aware that digital printing technology offers significant benefits in a variety of applications, allowing for customization, product tracking and faster than ever turnaround times. These benefits can add up to significant savings, in terms of both time and money. But what if printers aren’t ready to trade in their anilox rolls for a digital imaging array? Is it truly necessary to overhaul the entire pressroom to keep up with customer demands? Wikoff Color doesn’t think so.

Thankfully, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) recognized that some printers were interested in adopting digital printing technologies, but had no interest in renovating their entire pressroom. This prompted the development of what is commonly called a bolt-on unit. These digital print stations designed to fit directly on existing flexo presses come in standard or custom-built varieties. This allows printers to add the benefits of digital printing to their pressroom floor with only minor adjustments, essentially giving them the best of both worlds. These bolt-on units are effective in a range of applications, including label barcoding, finished product quality control marking, variable data and promotional messages on retail packaging—just to name a few.

In addition to being a trusted ink supplier, Wikoff Digital serves as an adviser and liaison for printers interested in installing bolt-on units in their operations. Every custom bolt-on unit solution is treated as a team endeavor, combining the efforts of you (the end-user), the integrator (bolt-on unit manufacturer) and Wikoff Digital. The goal is to help customers through the process to ultimately help them be more successful and profitable. Wikoff Digital works with printers to understand
specific digital printing needs, project details and preferences regarding ink chemistry. Based on feedback, Wikoff Digital discusses the opportunity with preferred hardware integrators and selects the best fit for the requirements at hand. Wikoff Digital then acts as the main contact, setting up meetings between all parties involved and requesting preliminary proposals and quotes from each integrator option. When the printer has selected the integrator with the best fit, the process of developing a custom hybrid bolt-on solution really begins. Wikoff Digital remains engaged through-out the entire process, putting the capstone on the consultative partnership.

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