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Wikoff Graphics Supports Fast-Growing Flexo Market

by Ink Specialist|05.22.23


As the printing industry grows and changes, so does Wikoff Color Corporation. And one of the biggest shifts in recent years is the rapid rise of flexographic printing to serve the flexible packaging sector.

Formed to support current and future customers competing in the flexo market, Wikoff Graphics strives to be the ideal strategic partner for printers of all sizes looking to succeed in the graphics arts.

Who are Wikoff Graphics?

Wikoff Graphics is an expansion of the original Wikoff Color business model that brings our unmatched customer service model to the graphics arts industry.

Wikoff Graphics operates as a separate entity to focus on providing best-in-class graphics solutions, while remaining part of the Wikoff umbrella for a seamless relationship between our customers’ needs for equipment, software, consulting and service with flexo inks and related supplies.

Wikoff Graphics’ unique business model combines internal expertise with strong partnerships with industry leaders to augment our team. We don’t simply order equipment and software from our suppliers when a customer has a need. We work in concert with our expert partners to combine knowhow until we develop the perfect solution.

Serving the flexo industry

Fast drying and non-toxic inks, shorter run lengths, technological automation and the potential for printing in large quantities directly to an incredible array of substrates makes flexographic printing ideal for food and medicine packaging. 

Along with wrappers, containers, plastic or paper bags, and bottles, flexo is suitable for corrugated printing packages in the following end-use sectors:

  • Soft drinks, juices and other beverages
  • Beers, wine and spirits
  • Fresh foods
  • Toys and games
  • Household products, soaps and laundry
  • Healthcare

The Wikoff Graphics team provides guidance at every stage of the printing process to excel in the flexible packaging industry, including formulating and supplying the right eco-friendly UV-curable inks for each application.

Is Wikoff Graphics right for you?

The experts at Wikoff Graphics deliver solutions for virtually any challenge related to flexographic printing.

  • Partner with Wikoff Graphics to design, purchase, install and integrate the right equipment to match your business case and plateroom needs
  • Access industry-leading photopolymer plates, processing equipment and imaging hardware & software through our dedicated partnerships with Asahi, ESKO, Kongsberg and other cutting-edge suppliers
  • Achieve sustainability goals by making the move to water washable carbon-neutral plates
  • Plateroom troubleshooting
  • Professional color management, press characterization and design & file imposition
  • Equipment repair, parts replacement and ongoing maintenance programs
  • Simplify, automate and eliminate platemaking and print issues with a professional workflow consultation

Contact Wikoff Graphics

Learn more about Wikoff Graphics and contact our graphics experts at wikoffgraphics.com.

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