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Wikoff Color Corporation Offers Gelflex EB Flexo Products, the Next Big Thing in Packaging

by Wikoff|08.28.19


August 28, 2019

EB Flexo technology is the next big thing in packaging, offering the superior performance properties of energy-cure systems with a more sustainable footprint. Since signing an expanded licensing agreement with Technosolutions in early 2019, Wikoff Color is now able to bring this innovative technology to the market in the form of Gelflex.

Gelflex is a flexographic ink system suitable for Cl presses that cures via electron beam (EB) technology. This product goes through a rapid phase change once applied to the substrate, forming a gel-like substance that allows for wet-trapping of flexo inks, helping to improve print quality and expand color gamut possibilities.

• Significant reduction in solvent emissions
• Thinner ink films leading to reduction in ink consumption
• Lower energy required to cure
• Provides surface print option, promoting less plastic material and higher

• Great solution for food-safe packaging applications, when properly applied with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) PERFORMANCE
• High density inks produce bold colors with thinner ink films
• EB technology exhibits impressive levels of chemical and physical resistance,
eliminating the need for lamination
• Less dot gain and smaller dots, creating consistent and color and smooth vignettes
• Up to 180-220 LPI

• Cutting-edge technology with a great fit in packaging applications
• Design new flexible packaging structures with enhanced sustainability
• Easy to retrofit your current CI systems

Wikoff Color Corp., an employee-owned company founded in 1956, manufactures high performance printing inks and coatings for the graphic arts industry. Wikoff Color employs over 500 people in its 34 manufacturing plants and numerous in-plant centers worldwide. Wikoff Color’s corporate office is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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