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Wikoff Digital Helps Ease Printers into the Digital World with Bolt-On Inkjet Solutions

by Wikoff|02.02.23


Making the transition into digital printing provides high-volume printers a new set of tools to better serve their clients. Not all jobs are a great fit for conventional printing technologies and so adding digital capabilities will broaden the range of customers in the market for your services.

Benefits of going digital include:

  • No more delayed turnaround times
  • Never say “no” to jobs that require high levels of customization across a long list of runs
  • Making changes is a breeze – as is setting up for a short deadline job that just came in
  • Zero pre-press stages between receiving digital document files and printing
  • No plates and no chemicals
  • Highly detailed, optimal printing for order quantities of any size
  • Be more successful and more profitable
  • Easy 4 color printing – pick a color and the digital printer does the rest

But how can you take advantage of all these benefits without a complete overhaul of your press and equipment? 

It’s easy. You call Wikoff Digital.

In this post, we’ll explain how the Wikoff Digital team are experts at easing traditional pressrooms into the digital world, using the equipment you already have in your pressroom! 

Introducing the bolt-on inkjet printer

What is a bolt-on inkjet printer?

A bolt-on inkjet printer is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an add-on digital inkjet printer that can be easily connected to an existing press, for fast integration and low capital cost. It’s an affordable solution developed by Integrators to enable Printers to make the digital leap with minimal time and resource investment and without having to redesign their pressroom.

Simply purchase a bolt-on inkjet printer from a Wikoff Digital Integrator partner and collaborate with the Integrator and Wikoff Digital to implement a solution, and – voila! – you’re able to join the world of digital printing! 

Do I need a standard or custom-built bolt-on inkjet printer?

There are two types of bolt-on inkjet printers: standard out-of-the-box and custom-built. 

The Wikoff Digital team and our Integrator partners have the experience and resources to determine which type of solution is right for you. We work as a team to understand your requirements and goals in order to create and install the best solution.

Choose Wikoff Digital for your transition into the digital world

There are many reasons to trust us with your digital conversion. We have developed trusted partnerships with the Integrators who create and install the bolt-on inkjet printers. Wikoff Digital has the expertise to develop the digital inks that your new digital print system will require in order to print the materials your customers want.

At Wikoff Digital we understand what adding digital printing capabilities means. We understand that change can be hard. The move to digital means new technology, new customers, new types of print jobs, new challenges, and an investment on your part in time and money. We get all of that. And we make every effort to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible.

How is Wikoff Digital involved?

The Wikoff Digital team will partner with our Integrators to walk you through the entire process:

  1. Assess your precise digital printing needs, including preferences for ink chemistry
  2. Discuss specifications with our preferred providers and hardware Integrators to develop a bolt-on solution that best fits your requirements
  3. Collect proposals and quotes from multiple Integrators
  4. Set up group meetings with our team, your team, and Integrators
  5. Once you select an Integrator, we stay involved throughout installation and integration
  6. We give you the option to purchase sustainable inks directly from Wikoff Digital or through our Integrator partner

Ultimately, we want to see you succeed, and our consultation services are a reflection of our support for your business as you make this change.

Learn more about bolt-on inkjet printers

Whether you’re ready to go digital now or still have questions, we’re here to help. Contact the Wikoff Digital team to get started.