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At Wikoff Color, we recognize that achieving consistent quality in our products is far more intricate than a simple click-and-print process. It involves the meticulous setup of the press, fine-tuning ink adjustments, and identifying the precise coating and curing conditions, all of which demand expertise. Moreover, this pursuit of quality is not a singular endeavor; ink components, substrates, and the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory and environmental conditions are in a constant state of flux. Therefore, parties must remain vigilant to uphold exceptional performance standards.

Understanding this challenge, at Wikoff Color, we acknowledge the need for ongoing support throughout the entire lifespan of a product—from its conception, formulation, and printing to its distribution. We've heavily invested in upgrading our analytical testing capabilities to ensure we can provide you with comprehensive support at every stage of the process.

Compliance Testing

Used for contaminant control & identification, compliance testing can range from ensuring residual formulary components in products are within regulatory limits to determining if there are specific chemicals that could transfer to food / pharmaceutical products when used in packaging or labels. From Proposition 65 to migration testing, this analysis ensures materials are compliant with any pertinent regulations that are critical to the safety of consumers.

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Compositional Forensics

Through a variety of scientific techniques, analytical characterization enables precise identification of elements, compounds, and components, determining their concentrations, purity, and potential impurities. It plays a pivotal role in quality control, ensuring product consistency, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. Techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry are commonly utilized for this purpose, offering detailed insights that aid in refining formulations, improving product efficacy, and guaranteeing consumer safety.

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Physical Property Characterization

Physical property assessment is essential in evaluating various attributes crucial for product performance and meeting customer requirements. It involves employing scientific methods to measure and understand the physical characteristics of materials or products. This process encompasses a wide range of parameters such as light fastness, abrasion resistance, gloss, coefficient of friction, and surface rheology. Such testing enables precise measurements, providing insights into a product's durability, appearance, texture, and behavior under different conditions. These analyses contribute to establishing product specifications, ensuring that the materials meet predetermined standards, which is crucial for product quality, performance, and reliability.

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Analytical characterization in sustainability testing is instrumental in understanding the ecological footprint of products, ensuring they align with sustainable practices, and facilitating the development of environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing processes. The results of these tests aid in making informed decisions to enhance the sustainability profile of products.

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