Technical Solutions

Wikoff Technical Solutions is a results-focused team of graphic arts specialists dedicated to customer success. Our experts are there when you need them, for all of your pressroom needs.

The Wikoff Technical Solutions team provides service in three key areas:

Print/Press/Ink (PPI) Optimization

Color Confidence

Value Added Pressroom Supplies

PPI Optimization

Advanced Troubleshooting

Wikoff Technical Solutions members work with you to get to the root of problems, solve issues and develop new solutions.

We can help you identify improvements in:

  • Make-ready times
  • Waste reduction
  • Performance metrics
  • Compliance to end customer needs

We’re also available to advise you in:

  • System compatibility studies
  • Best practices
  • FIRST implementation

analytical services

In addition to the capabilities of the local lab facilities, Wikoff Color’s team of talented, degreed chemists in our Corporate Research & Development Center are available to support our customers. Our chemists work closely with graphic arts professionals and experienced ink technicians to develop practical solutions that are easily translated to the pressroom.


  • Laboratory Microscope
  • Spectrophotometers
  • BK Drying Tester
  • Dukes Water Pick-up Unit
  • Slide Angle Tester
  • Viscometer – Cup & Plate, Zahn Cup, Brookfield
  • Web Heatset Dryer
  • Fadeometer
  • Infrared Pyrometer
  • Ink Abrasion Tester
  • 20+ other pieces of analytical equipment

Color Confidence

G7 Certification

What you need to know:

  • G7® is a detailed program designed to calibrate your press and proofs based on achieving accurate gray balance and tonal range
  • Solids and trapped solids are also measured to ensure accurate 4-color process reproduction
  • G7® Master Calibrations require you to submit detailed documentation, calibrated proofs and press sheets under the guidance of a qualified G7® Expert

How can we help?

  • Wikoff Technical Solutions offers four G7® experts to assist you during the qualification process
  • We have experience in all three levels of calibration options – Grayscale, Targeted and Color Space


What you need to know:

  • Print buyers for large retail companies have employed SGS to manage the quality of their printed material
  • SGS requires that each printer be audited and pass a print test
  • The initial print test involves a special test form, a scanning measurement device and software to score the results
  • After the initial qualification, sample sheets from eachc individual job must be submitted to SGS for approval
  • SGS measures the sheets
    • If they pass, the job can be shipped
    • If they fail, the job must be scrapped and re-printed

How can we help?

We aren’t GMI auditors, but we can help you prepare for your submission by determining your qualification before submitting sheets

Value Added Pressroom Suppliers

Wikoff is proud to partner with industry-leading companies to provide value added solutions in the pressroom. These partnerships offer excellent opportunities to decrease waste, increase efficiency and save money.

Reach Out to Our Technical Team

You’ve got questions, Wikoff Technical Solutions has answers. Trust us, these are the people we reach out to for help with color management, troubleshooting tips or consumables recommendations.