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X-Rite Products

eXact Basic – entry level densitometer
XP Basic – XP = film applications
Basic Plus – top level densitometer
XP Basic Plus – XP = film applications

eXact Standard – entry level spectrophotometer
XP Standard – XP = film applications
Standard + Scan – recommended for GMI, G7
XP Standard + Scan – film and scan applications

eXact Advanced – spectrophotometer
XP Advanced – XP = film applications
Advanced + Scan – recommended for GMI, G7
XP Standard + Scan – film and scan applications

Spherical Instruments

Ci62 – Entry level densitometer, small 4mm aperture
Ci62 – Spherical spectrophotometer, medium 8mm aperture
Ci64 – Spherical spectrophotometer, dual aperture
Ci64UV – UV Spherical spectrophotometer, dual aperture

i1 Family

i1Basic Pro 3 – for monitors & projectors, printer qa (not profiling)
i1Publish Pro 3 – for monitors, projectors, RGB/CMYK/CMYK+ printers
i1Publish – software for creating ICC Profiles
i1iO Gen 3 Automated Scanning Table
i1iSis v2 Automated Chart Reader – for A4+ or letter size
i1iSis XL Automated Chart Reader – for A3+ or tabloid size

Software Solutions

NetProfiler 3 for eXact
NetProfiler for IntelliTrax2

IFS 6 PrinterBasic – recommended for litho applications
IFS 6 PrinterPro – recommended for flexo applications

Color iQC Print – Standalone
Color iQC Print – Online

Wikoff Server-Based iQC & IFS – customers can access X-Rite software hosted on Wikoff’s netework
Use of Wikoff assets (desktop computer valued at $1,500)
Continual VPN access for Wikoff IT personnel
Computer must have continual access to internet

ColorCert Inkroom
ColorCert Pressroom Essential
Colorcert Pressroom
ColorCert Manager

ColorCert QA Tools
ColorCert QA Perpetual License

PantoneLIVE Design
PantoneLIVE Production
Pantone Simulator
PantoneLIVE White Backing