Surface printing gravure ink designed with resistance to mild caustic (sodium hydroxide) solutions, a retentive ink series for use in beer label applications and other label types. Ink series are retentive inks with good caustic resistance suitable for bottling applications which require this property. Moderate heat resistance to (130 C or 270 F) with good gloss and transparency. Series has excellent re-solubility for minimal press problems, clean wiping with very good transfer properties that result in trouble free, defect free printing.

  • Excellent adhesion to primed foils and metallized papers with good flexibility
  • The ink series has excellent print quality with multicolor trapping capability
  • Scratch, scuff and rub resistance.
  • Good gloss and transparency

Selective Rotolux Metallic Inks are available to complement and expand the standard color range, Vintage Metallic inks may also be printed in combination with the Rotolux inks, although they should not be inter-mixed.


  • Primed metallized papers, primed aluminum foils
  • Selective corona treated plastic films
  • Coated papers