Special Effects

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  • Iridescent Silver ink – holographic-type color shift effect in silver ink
  • Pearlescent – new “diamond dust” sparkle with more clarity
  • Water-based “Metallized Effects” inks – make regular spot colors look metallic
  • Liquid Foil – High sheen silver with brilliance similar to foil stamp
  • 3D effect with metallic/pearlescent coating – combination of two flexo units and a special coating to provide a 3D effect image


  • Glitter UV coating
  • Rubber-Feel UV coating
  • UV Rotary Screen Braille – raised image coating
  • Textured Coating or Grit – 40 bcm or higher for largest particle size
  • Reticulation – chemical effect to create textured matte/gloss contrast
  • Raised UV – gives a similar effect as embossing with smooth paper surface, requires 40 bcm or higher

Color Change

  • Irreversible thermochromics – one-way color shift in response to temperature
  • Reversible thermochromics – color shifts in response to temperature
  • Liquid Crystal ink – reversible color shifts in response to temperature (“mood ring” effect)
  • Irreversible Solvent-based Hydrochromic ink – red or blue turns clear when water is applied
  • Hydrochromic Water-based Reversible white (rotary screen printing necessary)
  • Water Activated ink – water-based black turns red and stays red when water is applied
  • Bleach activated ink – white turns brown when subjected to bleach
  • Hidden Color – inks print clear and turn to color when activated with special wax crayon
  • Blacklight red, green, yellow, purple, orange, white inks – glow when exposed to blacklight
  • Infrared green, violet, orange inks – changes color under IR light source
  • Direct Thermal Activator ink – prints white and images black on DT printer


  • Scratch Activated ink – white to black, white to blue, red-to-black, yellow-to-black
  • Coin Reactive White, Red, Green and Yellow inks – pigment reacts with metal in coin to turn gray when scratched
  • Datalase water-based – pigment that lays down laser-marking surface for digital information such as barcodes Miscellaneous
  • Scratch ‘n sniff
  • FDA direct food contact water-based black, coating, and other colors
  • Hi-heat Resistant water-based coatings
  • PSA Release Coatings that do not lock up