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Color Confidence Sets Pressrooms Apart

by Wikoff|07.14.22


Color quality standards can fluctuate wildly from printshop to printshop and customer to customer. What one business deems acceptable may be rejected by another, and vice versa.

But there’s zero doubt that the printer who gets color right consistently will soon build a reputation for the quality of color delivered. Color confidence is a distinguishing trait that selective or high-end customers pick up on in an instant. Get it right and you’ll win plenty of lucrative work.

Why is color quality important?

There’s more to consistent color reproduction than run-of-the-mill “good customer service.” Companies rely on colors for brand recognition and eye-catching merchandising for product packaging. Missing the mark on color control can cheapen a brand, alter the impact of a design, or influence sales downward as consumers react negatively to inconsistent packaging – and hit your bottom line if an unhappy client demands a reprint! Color mistakes, especially at the last minute, can be very costly to remedy.

Color management gets extra tricky when you’re working across multiple substrates. Brochures, banners, flyers, clings, flexible packaging, labels. All these substrates require tweaks on press to keep colors consistent across different assets.

Pressroom products to improve color confidence

Achieving color confidence takes more than high-quality ink. Technical knowhow, close adherence to methodology standards, file management and a wide variety of tools and applications are needed to verify colors and perfect the process.

Wikoff Color partners with many of the industry leaders in color control, including X-Rite, Techkon, and Pantone. We offer densitometers, spectrophotometers, professional-level spectral color measurement solutions, automated chart readers and a wide selection of software applications.


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Color confidence certifications

G7® Master Printer & SGS (GMI) Certification can improve your ability to achieve color confidence and assure your clients that their color management needs are in good hands. Not to mention, some brand owners now require these certifications to print certain jobs. The Wikoff Technical Solutions team is available to assist you during the qualification process.

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Deliver color quality to satisfy the most demanding customers

Prove to your customers that you take color management seriously.

If you need help finding the right color confidence products or resolving color control issues in the pressroom, our technical team is happy to help.


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