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Here’s How Wikoff Digital Does Custom Ink Formulation Right

by Ink Specialist|10.12.22


Many of our customers have unaddressed, unique printing needs without a clear solution. On multiple occasions our talented team of chemists have worked with our customers to create digital fluid (inks and primers) solutions.

Here are some of the more interesting recent examples of Wikoff Digital’s custom fluids formulation capabilities.

The nose knows!

The Wikoff Digital team developed a special low-odor ink portfolio consisting of full-color CMYK and white designed for books and other consumer product applications where minimum scent is required. From initiation to commercialization, the full solution development process took about 16 weeks. The customer is thrilled!

  • Designed to work with a wide range of substrates to cover all the many different finishes available for books
  • Strong adhesion to difficult substrates, including metalized paper, coated papers, linen covers and more

Direct on Product/Decorative applications on rigid substrates like Plastics, Glass & Metals

Another longer term project undertaken by the Wikoff Digital team was to develop a UV-LED Piezo ink that would perform well over a broad range of decorative applications. Over 12 weeks, a full-color set plus a white and varnish were created that worked well on substrates such as rigid and semi-rigid plastics, glass and metals. This solution has worked with a number of substrates and applications, such as:

  • Drinkware (Plastic, Metal, Glass)
  • Golf Balls
  • Promotional Products
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Tools
  • Building Materials

Custom Job: UV Blue Fluorescent HP Cartridge Ink

A bottling customer approached us with a unique problem to solve. They needed a simple yet reliable method of tracking inventory for in-store stock rotation, but they didn’t want to print any visible marks on their product due to Branding guidelines.

We set to work to develop a solution that would be invisible to the naked human eye but trackable with the right equipment. In just two months, we were able to deliver an ink that printed invisible product code information on the product that would vividly fluoresce under 365 or 395 UV light for reading and tracking.

Custom Job: Solvent Dark Blue HP Cartridge Ink

Another customer had the opposite problem. They needed to print visible dark blue images for a direct mail campaign but the inexpensive non-porous substrate they wanted to use for the promotional pieces was causing issues with adhesion.

Wikoff Digital chemists developed a dark blue solvent ink in one month in order to meet customer production deadlines. This ink enabled the job to be done on the non-porous substrate at high speeds.

What can Wikoff Digital formulate for you?

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